Secure Print Release

“Follow Me Secure Print” or can be commonly known as ‘Pull Printing”, allows end-users to have the benefit of printing to a shared network attached print device but knowing that their documents are completely secure until they release them to a networked printer or multi-function device of their choice. By implementing follow me secure print technology companies will experience immediate Return of Investment (ROI) in decreased printing costs (e.g. money spent/device; ratio user/device and user/printing supplies (paper and ink); staff; maintenance) IT Administrators can significantly reduce organisations’ use of paper, saving up to 20 % in printing consumables. Gartner calculated that organisations can save 10 % to 30 % of their office print spending.

In today’s complex distributed computing environment maintaining control of resource usage and costs is a constant challenge. By having access to SSNQ’s document auditing suite, you will immediately have full cost recovery including the ability to bill back all document workflow; printing, copying and scanning which can help your organisation to operate more efficiently, maximise device utilisation while providing additional management control such as follow me secure print.

We spend a fair amount of time making sure that our computers, documents, and private information are all kept secure. But all that time and energy can be for naught if you share a network printer. Prevent private or sensitive materials from sitting unattended and unclaimed at remote printers, a hot spot for confidential information, lying in a pile at the printer, patiently waiting for you (and everyone else) to pick it up. Pull printing technology with Secure Document Release holds documents in a secure server and outputs them only when users authenticate themselves at their printer of choice.

 Sharp CR4 Secure Print