Interactive Whiteboard

Our Boardroom houses a large touch-screen interactive whiteboard which, when fully linked to a Laptop or PC, effectively becomes a 72" Tablet PC or a massive Microsoft Surface ®.

Useful for presentations, group-think sessions and much, much more. With the power of a touch capable operating system, such as Windows 10 ®, any presentation, workshop or information session is vastly enhanced. With a Network-connected PC connected to the Interactive Whiteboard, your ability to present and control the presentation is unparalleled. Screenshot important notes or hand drawn diagrams. Instantly clear the whiteboard perfectly every time, with no more permanent marker residue on the board, either. With the simple and easy addition of Screen Recording software, you can preserve any session completed on the whiteboard for future use, archive or referral. Any business that needs to present information to groups of clients, employees or management in a boardroom or similar environment will be greatly enhanced by the addition of an Interactive Whiteboard. Our Interactive Whiteboards go all the way up to 90", suitable for presentation to around a dozen people at a time.



The short movies below explore some of the capabilities of our Interactive Whiteboards.