About Us

The Sharp Solutions NQ Story

Sharp Solutions NQ was opened by Mr. & Mrs. Bruno & Mary van der Heide in 2005. Immediately, they appointed Mr. Stephen Orchard as the manager of the operation, a role he has carried out ever since. For many years now, Sharp Solutions NQ has diligently sold and serviced the North Queensland region from Townsville, building an excellent reputation for the business and delivering unparalleled service.

In November 2016, Bruno and Mary divested themselves of the Sharp Solutions NQ business and Stephen Orchard became Managing Director of a newly formed company ‘Document Solutions NQ Pty Ltd’, formed specifically to operate the Sharp Solutions NQ business. Document Solutions NQ brings the addition of a Sales and Marketing Director in Mr. Gordon Bishop. Gordon brings a wealth of experience in the delivery of print and document solutions and client management. The company also adds a Technical & Operations Director in Mr. Adam Shaw, who brings wide information technology, system engineering and document solution experience to the team.

A Giant friend at your side

Sharp Solutions NQ is your local dealer for the massive global technology company “Sharp”. Our warranties and guarantees are backed by a $28 Billion dollar global giant. Sharp is extremely large and has been around over 100 years, so isn’t about to go away anytime soon. Investing in Sharp technology for your business is a good move for the long-term future.


Sharp Solutions NQ is supported by the Global corporation





Sharp Background Story

104 years ago, 1912… A young teenager with a gifted mind was tinkering away in Japan. Tokuji Hayakawa, was awarded a patent for the ‘Tokubijo’ snap buckle, he was 18 years old at the time. On September 15, 1912, he established a small metalworking shop in Tokyo. The company began with three employees and initial capital of just under 50 yen.

In 1915, Mr. Hayakawa continued to research and improve techniques to manufacture a metal writing instrument which, at the time, had not been developed. In 1915, he invented a mechanical pencil named the “Ever-Sharp Pencil” that took the world by storm. The name of the company today and its trademark are derived from this product. In May 1935, the structure of the company was modified to become a joint-stock corporation under the name Hayakawa Metal Works Institute Co., capitalization: 300,000 yen.

Today… Since then, based on founder Tokuji Hayakawa’s dream to “Make products that other companies want to imitate”, Sharp has gone from strength to strength with technologically-advanced ‘one-of-a-kind’ products. Sharp has a long history of creating breakthrough products designed to meet the needs of people living in Australia and around the world. Sharp’s worldwide leadership in technology innovations; especially in LCD and Solar, ensures Sharp is at the forefront of the pack. Today, Sharp products are sold in 140 countries. There are 27 manufacturing operations, 29 sales companies, and 2 representative offices in 26 countries. Sharp aims to continue to make a contribution to Australian society by bringing innovative solutions to your everyday lives.